Socks To Match Jordan 6 Yellow Ochre - 23'S

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👀 Ready to take your sneaker game to the next level with the perfect accessory for your Jordan outfits? 🔥 Look no further than our socks designed to match the Jordan 6 Yellow Ochre! Our socks are custom-made by an independent designer and sneakerhead to match your Jordans perfectly. 👟

With bold and vibrant 23's graphics inspired by the iconic Jordan 6 Yellow Ochre design, our air Jordan socks are the perfect addition to your sneaker outfits. Made with a blend of 60% nylon, 22% cotton, and 18% spandex, these socks provide ultimate comfort and a cushioned bottom for all-day wear. And with silky and smooth texture, our socks are sure to become your go-to for any sneaker occasion. 🧦

At our store, we value customer satisfaction and we're committed to working with you to resolve any issues or concerns. We understand how important it is to match your Jordans perfectly, and we've got you covered with our custom-made air Jordan socks for men. 🤝

Please note that colors may appear differently on your screen than in person due to variations in device screens. But rest assured that we review the colors of our graphics to ensure they match the actual sneaker colors as closely as possible. ğŸŽ¨

At our store, we value thoughtful purchasing decisions and aim to reduce overproduction by making our products on-demand. Our silky socks are perfect for sneaker enthusiasts and make a great gift idea for any Jordan fan. With our commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust that we'll work with you to resolve any issues or concerns.

👉 So why wait? Elevate your sneaker game and match your Jordans perfectly with our stylish and comfortable air Jordan socks for men. Order now and experience the ultimate sneaker match!


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M 6-8.5 7-9.5 38-41 5-7.5
L 9-11.5 10-12.5 42-45 8-10.5
XL 12-14.5 13-16 46-49 11-13.5